BBC's highest paid stars represent 'terrible value for money'

The BBC's highest paid stars represent terrible value for money, according to a new survey.

Some of the stars with a low rating included Gary Lineker and Chris Evans. Picture: PA

The corporation has just released its annual list of its biggest earning talent, with Match of the Day host Gary Lineker topping the list on a staggering £1.75 million per year.

But when Brits were asked whether they thought the highest profile, best-paid stars were good value or a rip-off, ALL of the celebs were handed negative scores.

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Chris Evans, who has now left the Beeb but was most recently paid £1.25 million for his stint at Radio 2, had a value-for-money rating of minus 58.

He beat Lineker to top spot in the survey, with the big-earning Match of the Day host handed a score of minus 54.

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BBC radio host Vanessa Feltz had a minus 49 rating, while Lineker's TV partner Alan Shearer - who earns £440,000 as a pundit - was fourth with a negative score of 38 Of the highest paid stars, Question Time host Fiona Bruce fared the best, but she still had a minus eight rating.

OnePoll surveyed 1,930 UK adults, asking if they thought the biggest earners were either good, reasonable, poor value or a rip-off.

The stars were then given a score by taking poor value ratings away from good value ratings.

However, there is support for one BBC stalwart.

Sir David Attenborough, who wasn't on the list because he was paid through a production company, was given a positive value of 52 per cent.

Just 34 per cent of Brits polled thought that overall the BBC was good or very good value for money, with 61 per cent describing it as poor value or a right rip off.

Two-thirds think it is now time to change the way the BBC is funded.

There also appears to be a lack of trust in the corporation's impartiality, with 51 per cent saying it is biased and just 26 per cent describing it as impartial.

OnePoll found 46 per cent of those who thought it was biased said it was against Brexit, while 19 per cent it was in favour of leaving the EU.

Name - Salary band - Value for money rating*

Fiona Bruce £255,000-£259,999 -8

John Humphrys £290,000-£294,999 -12

Graham Norton £610,000-£614,999 -18

Andrew Marr £390,000-£394,999 -18

Jeremy Vine £290,000-£294,999 -19

Huw Edwards £490,000-£494,999 -25

Jason Mohammad £355,000-£359,999 -25

Claudia Winkelman £370,000-£374,999 -28

Nick Grimshaw £310,000-£314,999 -32

Steve Wright £465,000-£469,999 -34

Alan Shearer £440,000-£444,999 -38

Vanessa Feltz £355,000-£359,999 -49

Gary Lineker £1,750,000-£1,754,999 -54

Chris Evans £1,250,000-£1,254,999 -58 * Value for money rating: The star's 'good or reasonable value' score minus their 'poor or rip-off value' score