Baby of the week: James John Montgomery

THE DETAILS: James John Montgomery was born on October 11 at Forth Valley Royal Hospital weighing 7lbs 14oz.

THE PARENTS: Mum Lisa Montgomery (33) is a warranty manager while dad Mark Montgomery (37) is a plant operator. They live in Shieldhill.

THE PREGNANCY: Lisa’s pregnancy was great with no morning sickness at all. She worked until two weeks before James was born.

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THE BIRTH: Lisa’s waters broke at home at 8.45am on October 10. After 16 hours of labour, she was taken for an emergency c-section and James was born at 1.16am.

THE BABY: James is a very laid back baby who sleeps around 12 hours every night and is full of smiles.

THE NAME: Lisa and Mark lost Mark’s dad three years ago so they named James after him. His middle name is for Lisa’s dad.

THE GRANDPARENTS: James’ very proud grandparents are Liz and John Rogerson from Glen Village and Joyce Montgomery from Shieldhill.

THANKS: Lisa and Mark would like to thank the hospital staff and their parents.