Asda Cumbernauld staff member goes above and beyond for the community

Asda Cumbernald worker Paula McGarry has been recognised for her hard work after she helped a customer who fell ill in store.

Paula McGarry has been named as this months Service Superstar at Asda Cumbernauld

Paula spotted a customer fall to the floor and instantly stopped what she was doing and ran over to help.

After realising the customer was having a seizure, Paula’s survival instincts took over and she swiftly put them into the recovery position, whilst directing another colleague to call an ambulance.

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To Paula’s delight, the customer made a full recovery and has since returned to the store to thank her in person.

A few weeks later, Paula also found herself working when there was an unexpected technical glitch with the Click & Collect service, meaning customers would have to collect their shopping in store as opposed to at the designated pick up point in the car park.

Taking it upon herself to call each individual customer to let them know, Paula spoke to a customer who had recently lost her husband and didn’t want to visit a busy store where she could bump into people she knew.

Paula decided to hand deliver the customer’s shopping to her door herself so that she wouldn’t have to go into the store during a difficult time.

Karen Ness, People Manager at Asda Cumbernauld, nominated Paula for an internal award after hearing about her brave and thoughtful efforts in store, said: “Paula is an incredible colleague who deserves to be recognised for all of the amazing work she does in store. She is always going above and beyond to ensure our customers receive the best possible service and care they can.

“When I heard about what Paula did for both customers I wasn’t surprised, it’s in her nature to help others and is something she is always doing both in and out of work.

“I’m delighted she has been chosen as this month’s Service Superstar and will look forward to working with her for many more shifts to come.”

Every month, store colleagues are asked to nominate someone who they think has gone above and beyond in store.

Paula, who has been nominated once before, said: “I am so grateful that my colleagues have chosen me as this month’s Service Superstar.

“I have seen the lady who fell unwell in store since it happened, and she has thankfully made a full recovery. As part of my job I am always looking at ways I can ensure customers receive the best service whilst in store, so to me it just goes hand in hand to help when unexpected situations arise.

“I just want to say a big thanks to all of my colleagues for nominating me, it really does mean a lot and makes all of the hard work worth it.”