Pensioner struck by speeding cyclist set to sue for damages

A PENSIONER has threatened to take legal action against a cyclist who crashed into him at a city beauty spot, leaving him seriously injured.

David Hickling suffered a dislocated shoulder, fractured arm, facial fractures and a dislocated jaw after he was knocked down while walking through Bruntsfield Links. He had to have an operation on his shoulder and is undergoing physiotherapy, but it could take him up to a year to fully recover.

The 65-year-old is now in talks with his solicitor about taking legal action for damages against the cyclist involved.

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And he is also calling for speed barriers to be erected on the footpath at the southern edge of Bruntsfield Links, on the corner of Bruntsfield Terrace and Greenhill Gardens, to prevent someone else being hurt. Mr Hickling said urgent action needed to be taken to slow cyclists down before they reach the "blind corner".

He said: "Something needs to be changed so that cyclists can't cycle on the footpath as quickly as they are doing at the moment.

"I suffered these injuries, shock and trauma at age 65. Had the victim been my neighbour, who is 15-20 years older than I and uses the same route frequently, he could have been killed."

The accident happened shortly after 11am when Mr Hickling was walking from his home to the shops at Bruntsfield. An ambulance was called by passers-by for Mr Hickling and the cyclist, who came off his bike on impact.

Following the accident, Mr Hickling, a retired personnel worker for Midlothian Council, had to rely on friends and family to look after him and even had to move in with friends until he could cope himself. He is still recovering, but has managed to move back into his Bruntsfield Crescent home.

He said: "I still don't feel brilliant at the moment. It's a lot of things to get over. It is surprising that a cyclist is able to do that amount of damage but he was going very fast.

"It makes you feel a bit nervous about crossing the road or even walking along a footpath."

Although the accident happened in January, Mr Hickling says he is only just starting to feel well enough to pursue his complaints.

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He added: "I'm considering taking legal action against the cyclist. I had a meeting with my solicitor and he said it looks like a cause worth pursuing."

The city council is currently looking into Mr Hickling's complaint, while his local community council is also taking the issue seriously. Bridget Stevens, chair of Merchiston Community Council, described the accident as a "dreadful incident".

She added: "We are represented on a city council group which looks at issues specifically relating to the Meadows and Bruntsfield Links. I will be happy to raise this at the next meeting."

Police were today unable to confirm whether any charges were being brought against the cyclist.