Part falls off 60m-tall Edinburgh Star Flyer ride

The Star Flyer part is taken away by a worker. Picture: Laura Ritchie
The Star Flyer part is taken away by a worker. Picture: Laura Ritchie
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OPERATORS of a 200ft (60m) high Christmas carnival ride in Edinburgh city centre hope to reopen it tomorrow after part of a seat broke off and crashed to the ground.

The Star Flyer attraction in St Andrew Square has remained closed for safety checks since the incident on Friday night.

Plastic moulding from a seat fell around 100ft onto the ride’s box office roof, then bounced to the ground. The two-person seat was occupied at the time.

Witness Laura Ritchie, 25, said: “We were standing about 20ft away when we just heard this almighty thud.

“There were people still in the seat that dismantled but the metal framework was still there with all the nuts and bolts showing. It landed next to a couple of guys standing right underneath it.

“Security got people back fairly quickly but there were people right beside it when it landed.”

A spokesman for Edinburgh’s Christmas, which runs the attraction, said the incident happened at about 9:30pm when the seats were being raised from the ground before being spun round at the top of its


He said yesterday: “It did not affect the stability of the ride.

“Full health and safety checks are being carried out, including by an independent expert on fun-fair attractions.”

Edinburgh City Council said its officials were inspecting the ride to ensure it was safe to use.

Edinburgh’s Christmas is organised by London-based entertainment firm Underbelly.


Video: Star Flyer in action