Parents struggle after reflux treatment shortage

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PARENTS of babies suffering from reflux have been struggling to get hold of a treatment due to technical problems in manufacturing the product.

Gaviscon Infant, which comes in powdered sachets, is prescribed for babies with severe reflux, which causes them to ­repeatedly bring up their food.

But many chemists have had problems sourcing the product for the last two weeks, leaving some parents desperate.

The UK-wide shortage has caused concern for Scottish ­parents using online forums as they struggled to find chemists with any still in stock.

One mother in Fife wrote: “My wee one can’t do without it, tried for two weeks and she was ­miserable. I’m in Kirkcaldy.

“She’s been on the medication since being weeks old and has only recently grown out her ­additional colic and its been nice to have things settled.

“We tried multiple things prior to the Gaviscon for the reflux-colic and it’s the only thing that’s kept her on an even keel.”

Another parent wrote: “No Infant Gaviscon up in Perth ­either!!! Worrying now as only have enough for tomorrow’s bottles.”

The makers of Gaviscon, Reckitt Benckiser, said the ­problem had now been resolved and supplies were now being shipped to chemists.

In a statement the company said: “Gaviscon Infant recently experienced a supply ­shortage due to a technical problem, however this has since been ­resolved and from last week we have been shipping hundreds of thousands of packs to the wholesalers.

“We hope it won’t take long before pharmacies are fully stocked again.

“Gaviscon Infant supplies have been affected for a few weeks. We apologise for any ­inconvenience caused.”