Parents raise £6k for rare disease help

THE family of a toddler with an extremely rare condition have raised more than £6000 for a charity that has helped them.

Midlothian one-year-old Harry Reid suffers from Dravet syndrome, which sees him suffer from two major seizures every week, and a range of other complications.

His parents Lynne and Stuart have worked closely with the Muir Maxwell Trust, which provides advice and support to families affected by the disease, that only presents itself in one UK birth every year.

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As a result, they held a fundraising night in the Mayfield Labour Club and managed to raise 6030.

So little is known about Dravet syndrome that Harry's parents, from Mayfield, Dalkeith, are not sure what to expect from the rest of his life.

As well as the major fits he suffers, he endures around 50 "absent seizures" a day, where the brain temporarily switches off but the body is unaffected.