Parents’ ‘living hell’ over missing Michael Slaven

Michael Slaven pictured at a Subway branch in Glasgow's Queen Street. Picture: Submitted
Michael Slaven pictured at a Subway branch in Glasgow's Queen Street. Picture: Submitted
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A mum and dad have revealed they enduring a ‘living hell’ over mystery of son who went missing on a night out on Friday.

John and Elaine Slaven are desperate for news of Michael, 23, who was last seen in the early hours of Friday at a Glasgow nightclub.

Alarmingly since he was last seen Michael has not used his mobile phone or used his bank account.

Elaine, 53, said: “What we are going through is a total living hell. I would not wish this on my worst enemy.

“We have not slept, we have not eaten, we are just waiting. It’s hell.

“And the not knowing is the worst. I am constantly wondering where he is. I would do anything to get my boy back.”

Michael, an electrician, had been on a night out with friends but left Sugar Cube nightclub, in Queen Street, Glasgow, alone.

He was last seen on CCTV, near St Enoch Subway at about 2.30am on Friday but did not return to the family home in Gooseholm Crescent, Dumbarton.

Michael is said to have been seen acting ‘erratically’ in the CCTV images.

Elaine said: “Michael would not take drugs - he is very against that sort of thing, which makes me think his drink was spiked.

“We have been told he was acting odd on the CCTV in St Enoch Square. Apparently he was running around. As soon as I heard that I knew something was wrong - that’s not Michael.

John, 52, managed to obtain CCTV film from the Subway sandwich shop in Queen Street, where Michael was spotted.

He said: “The CCTV shows Michael coherently ordering his food and paying. He has obviously been drinking, but is not paralytic or out of it.

“We need to see the CCTV from St Enoch Square to make sure it is Michael. That kind of behaviour is so out of character for him.

“He is a social drinker, he is not the type to go on a bender somewhere As soon as I heard he hadn’t come home, I was frantic. I knew straight away something was seriously wrong.

“He has everything going for him - a good job, a lovely girlfriend, and money in the bank.”

Michael’s mother is urging him to contact the family.

She said: “I don’t want Michael to be worried that he has stayed away, I just want him to come home. Please come home, Michael.”

Michael, who has a brother Shaun, 20, and sisters Paula, 25 and Monica, 21, is about 6ft, slim, fair , with short brown hair and brown eyes and was clean shaven.

When last seen he was wearing a white T-shirt with a grey square emblem on the chest, olive green ‘chino’ type trousers and dark plimsolls.

Inspector Steve Grimason, from Police Scotland, has been leading the missing person inquiry.

He said: “We are continuing extensive inquiries in the city centre and have been speaking to Michael’s family every day to keep them up to date with the investigation.”