Oxfam pulls strings to sell rare puppets

A CITY charity shop had a blast from the past when an anonymous donor handed in a box set of rare dolls.

Oxfam's Royal Mile shop received six mint condition Pelham Puppet toys, which date back to the mid-1960s.

The handcrafted dolls were hugely popular until the 1970s when kids used them to stage shows at home and school.

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The handcrafted string operated puppets include a dragon, giant and wizard, a Tyrolean boy and girl and a Bengo the Boxer puppy from the 1950s cartoon, all in perfect shape.

Pelham Puppets have now become collectors' items, and are rarely found in such good condition.

Cam Barrowman, manager of Oxfam's Royal Mile branch, said: "Once every so often we get very special and unique donations and this is one of them.

"Knowing Pelham Puppets' prominence in British TV and theatre, these are definitely a collectors' gem."

"We have six puppets on the website in perfect condition. Prices start at 39.99."