Orange Order parades: Thousands expected in Glasgow

Up to 20,000 people were expected at the annual Orange Order parades in Glasgow city centre and parts of Lanarkshire today.

Picture: Ian Rutherford

Over 700 Police officers were committed to the streets in what is the first event of this type since the creation of the new Police Scotland force.

Assistant Chief Constable Mawson said: “My priority is to make sure all the events pass off peacefully whilst ensuring the safety of those taking part, the general public and officers.

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“Our message is clear; by all means come to support the parade but behave and be respectful,” he said.

The Grand Master of the Orange Order echoed Police Scotland’s call for a repectful march. “We once again call upon every member of the Orange Order to enjoy the day with the utmost decorum,” he said.

“Our parades are a celebration of our heritage, not an excuse for anyone to criticise anyone else’s faith or beliefs.

“I also have a message to the members of the public who are not members of the order but choose to come along and support our parades: you are welcome, but please enjoy the music, colour and excitement of the march responsibly - alcohol on the streets is not permitted or wanted.”