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Third Sector Yes represents hundreds of Scotland’s
charity sector experts, including past and present leaders of many of Scotland’s best-known charities. We respect The Scotsman’s right to set out its editorial stance on independence (11 September) but we disagree
fundamentally with that stance.

Your editorial describes Scotland as “a prosperous, peaceful and successful country”. For some that is true.

But to those of us at the coal face of dealing with Scotland’s increasing challenges, this seems remarkably complacent and blind to the heartbreaking
reality facing so many of our people. The UK is the most
unequal country in Europe. Child poverty is a huge and
increasing scandal. The burgeoning number of food banks
represents the very opposite of a “successful country”.

By voting Yes we will not be transformed into an egalitarian nirvana overnight. But we will have control over many more of the issues that affect our most vulnerable people, such as welfare, labour and equalities laws, tax policies, and the chance to enshrine constitutional protection.

The small countries that surround Scotland provide role models for doing things substantially better.

Jill Wood

on behalf of Third Sector Yes