Wrong shorthand

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In your article, “Transsexual banned from girl, 9, who called him ‘Dad’” (4 June), the man who was attending family litigation court to try and maintain contact rights is repeatedly referred to as “the transsexual” throughout.

This is an incredibly dehumanising and reductive way of talking about this man, and it is unclear from the article why his trans status is important in reporting this story.

It is unlikely that the author would refer to anyone from another minority group in a similar manner, for example if he had been gay I doubt he would have been referred to as “the gay” throughout the article.

It seems discriminatory and unnecessary to talk about this man using language that suggests his only defining characteristic is that the author considers him to be “transsexual”, and the lack of respect afforded to trans people in this article is not up to The Scotsman’s usual standard.

Vic Valentine

Scottish Transgender 

Bernard Street