Worms turn

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How dare Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson say she will “not accept any watering down of the proposals her party has laid out on the future of devolution” (your report, 1 October).

Her party almost lost Scotland from the Union. Her party almost presided over the dissolution of the United Kingdom.

Her party’s principal contribution to two years of debate (and I thank her for it) was to increase the number of folk voting for independence. I wouldn’t trust a Tory to feed my cat for a day, let alone negotiate more powers for my parliament on my behalf.

It’s remarkable, now that the “aye” and “nae” campaigns have cooled – maybe temporarily – just how many worms wriggled to the surface to claim credit for the No victory.

Ruth and her like should have a care; anyone with a genuine feel for politics knows that – like it or not – independence is not dead, merely dozing.

The increase in the number of SNP members teaches us that, if nothing else – they haven’t joined up to stay in the Union, have they?

David Fiddimore

Calton Road