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Having just returned to Scotland after several spells working abroad, I am now coming to terms with the debate on independence. I cannot help but wonder how the world will see us after the vote. If, for example, we vote Yes, there will no doubt be a buzz around the country as we ponder an exciting future, while the world’s media will no doubt descend upon us, breathlessly interviewing citizens of the “new” country about our nation’s future. I suspect a general feeling of optimism and satisfaction would engulf us all.

On the other hand, if we vote No, apart from the sense of relief felt by a few staunch unionists, we would also look somewhat foolish in the eyes of the world. Here, after all, was a country that reared itself up to have a referendum on whether it wanted to run itself or live on a block grant handed to it by a superior parliament and decided on the latter. Exit the world’s interest and probably respect. Do we really want to be the first country to have a choice between independence and dependency and choose the latter and would you invest in a country that did?

Karen Burchill

Warrender Park Road