Women voters

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I’m writing to The Scotsman for the first time ever to take issue with remarks made by Mr Donald Lewis (Letters, 15 April).

In it, he accuses First Minister Alex Salmond of tokenism and of patronising women and then, without a hint of irony, proceeds to do precisely that himself.

Writing in archaic language redolent of the 19th century, he depicts Mr Salmond as a “seducer” offering women “blandishments”, and one who will abandon women at the ballot box once his “desires” have been consummated.

I find the tone of his letter slightly repellent. The majority of the women I spend time with intend to vote Yes, but that is not the issue here.

I’m confident that whichever way they decide to vote, women will do so having informed themselves and having come to a view as to which route presents the best long-term future for all the citizens of our country and for our families and friends.

What we do not need is some antiquated fossil pontificating from his study, lecturing us on how we should vote.

Gill Turner

Derby Street