Wizard argument to ensure all of our children enjoy magic of music

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The wizard headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore, who has, through the author JK Rowling, a real claim on Scotland, is quoted as saying, “Ah music. A magic beyond all that we do here!” (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone).

Here at the Royal Scots Club in Edinburgh we believe that with a passion, and early next year we are launching a scheme to encourage young musicians.

Four young players of Scottish traditional instruments – the bagpipes, the clarsach, the fiddle and the accordion – have been chosen to become Club musicians for a period of three years.

They will be rewarded with the sum of £365 a year (£366 next leap year), an enthusiastic and varied audience and, thanks to the generosity and commitment of four people who are top performers, teachers and recording artists in each of the four instruments, mentoring and an annual master class. A cross-section of our members are paying for this scheme and the mentors are giving their services for the love of the musical art.

Encouragement is the watchword of the scheme.

I absolutely agree with those calling on Edinburgh city council not to cut music tuition in our schools. It is simply too important for our humanity and civilisation. Let’s ­continue to give the city’s children and Scotland’s young people that “magic beyond all that we do here...”

John Lloyd

Chairman, the Royal Scots Club

Abercromby Place, Edinburgh