Wind of change

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The article “A new wave of energy is Scottish bonus”, by Lindsay Leask of Scottish Renewables must be challenged (Your report, 19 September).

Not once did she mention that the electricity produced by renewable energy, especially wind turbines, is mega-expensive. She mentions offshore wind turbines but fails to mention the German offshore windpark Bard 1 has been a monumental disaster.

The referendum result must have sent shockwaves through the wind turbine industry.

Alex Salmond claimed the best CO2 reduction targets in the world and that 100 per cent of Scotland’s electricity would come from renewables by 2020. Because of this boast Scotland has 60 per cent of the wind turbines in the UK.

Opposition from the public and refusals by the planning departments and councillors were brushed aside and 95 per cent of the disputed developments were subsequently allowed.

The Scottish Government must take Mr Salmond’s departure as the opportunity to introduce a moratorium on further wind turbine developments.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road