Wind folly

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With his “local power base will drive renewables” statements timed to avoid any rejection being read before the election, once again we have the usual claims from Scottish Renewables’ Joss Blamire (Friends of The Scotsman, 7 May) offering the view that wind power is the renewable energy panacea, which it so clearly is not.

Neither he nor the government is able to provide proof of claims made for CO2 savings and benefits.

Those accepting community benefits risk finding that they have welcomed relatively short-term gain in return for the surety of long-term pain.

With huge subsidy payments escalating our electricity bills, at what point will it be realised that the enforced sacrifice of our environment and landscapes by this government and the wind industry is both pointless and potentially criminally negligent?

It is a possibility that the Australian senate is now considering in respect of that country’s negative experiences.

Voters in the forthcoming Holyrood elections would do well to consider which party is showing “wilful blindness” on these issues and will continue to impose wind power – even in school grounds, despite dangers of blade and other material failures.

C Metcalfe