Why ‘fat’ should not be censored

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JENNIFER Lawrence may be “only 23” (“Thin line between fat taunts and the truth,” 22 December), but she is surely old enough to realise that her notion that using the word “fat” should be illegal is a fatuous suggestion, let alone any kind of solution to the very real problem of obesity.

If she and others who object to the word fat being used think it could harm those who are fat, they should consider what very real harm actually being fat can cause.

People who are fat and obese should sit themselves down and, instead of stuffing themselves full of food, watch a documentary showing people, including children, literally starving to death, often as a result of foods being imported by countries in the supposedly civilised West, including the UK, to fatten up “food animals”. There again, this might hit home more if they did actually gorge themselves while watching such a film.

To ensure that the message reaches them, they should also watch footage of animals in slaughterhouses and see 
how much animal suffering goes into the reason for their excessive size and weight, as well as the starvation and deaths of so many of their own species.

Fat people need to recognise why they are fat and then do something about it.

Sandra Busell, Edinburgh