Who’s sorry now?

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Now that a ruling on these 
Employee Benefit Trusts (EBTs) in respect of Rangers plc has been decided in their favour, is it 
not time that HMRC considers plugging the leaking seive that its office has become.

Never before has a near daily drip of confidential information done so much damage by fuelling speculation with innuendo and inaccuracy.

These tribunals are very rarely reported as they are too boring. A colleague of mine who had the misfortune of having to attend one stated that “he would have preferred pouring a pan of cold porridge over his head and electing to live with the travelling people” rather than attend these hearings.

However, with this case it was spiffed up with more and more gossip entering into the media. Some of these comments have been close to defamatory against previous officers of Rangers and did little to help Craig Whyte push forward.

Surely it must be time for the HMRC to offer an apology.

Michael Campbell