White elephant

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Malcolm Warr of SKEO 
Solutions (Letters, 21 October) makes a plea for the regeneration of Prestwick Airport and surrounding business parks and seeks the advice of international experts.

It is worth recapping the circumstances.

The SNP-dominated Scottish Government bought Prestwick Airport for £1 to save it from 
closure and pledged to invest £10 million into the airport despite the previous owners losing £7m a year.

No other companies were interested in buying it.

In June, Nicola Sturgeon, then Deputy First Minister, announced a £7m investment for repairs and improvements.

Now Prestwick Airport is to be “loaned” another £10m.

Wait a minute: “loaned”, but the taxpayers already own this airport so when the plug is pulled then it is taxpayers’ money down the drain.

Passenger flights at Prestwick Airport are as few as one a day so the airport has no future.

By comparison, the highly successful Glasgow Airport has 100 flights a day without any government subsidies. I trust that no more taxpayers’ money will be ploughed into this politically motivated “white elephant”.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road