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Not difficult to read between the lines of Clark Cross’s latest epistle (Letters, 25 July). He sets off by approving increased ­expenditure on making cycling safer but then wades in with some pretty daft ideas that only a grudging motorist could come up with.

First of all, a bicycle tax. Well, Mr Cross has neglected to spot that a large proportion of the cars on the road are not subject to road fund licence because of their low emissions. So, we punish road users with zero emissions and reward those with merely low emissions? Good ­effort. Next is compulsory insurance. Insurance against what? So that in a knock-for-knock road traffic accident, the “offended” motorist can sue the sort of dead cyclist he mentions in his opening paragraph?

Mr Cross should make himself more aware of the care cyclists take: many already have accident insurance lest they be maimed by recalcitrant motorists.

And finally, number plates. OK, where should they be fixed? To the bike? To the cyclist? Front, rear or both?

And this presumably so that those few cyclist who transgress the law can be tracked down and brought to book like a life-endangering speeding motorist.

Extending this thinking will have pedestrians forced to wear number plates so that jaywalkers can be hunted down.

What is required is not more in the way of on-road safety measures that keep cyclists quarantined in cycle lanes – from which they are afraid to go for fear of a blazing horn from motorists who think that that is the only place they’re allowed to be. Rather, we need a campaign to raise awareness among motorists that cyclists have as much right to use the roads as they but that they are considerably easier to kill than motorists, whether they transgress the Highway Code or not.

Cyclists wear helmet cams precisely because of motorists who think like the appropriately named Mr Cross apparently does.

Dave Rice


Kirknewton, Midlothian