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The SNP is to be congratulated on a highly effective election campaign.

I have to say that I just did 
not believe the polls – I was wrong.

I sincerely hope I was also wrong to be concerned that SNP MPs will carry out their stated intention to twist arms for a second referendum and will instead work constructively – as per the “vow” of their leader – for the benefit of all Scots and not just the approximately 50 per cent who voted for them as well as for the benefit of the UK as a whole.

The figure is significant.

As well as underlining that there is still no decisive
mandate for independence it makes it clear that we can look forward to the SNP fulfilling a manifesto commitment to push for reform to the UK election system.

I am sure they will agree that there is a democratic deficit when a party which polls 50 per cent of the votes gains 95 per cent of the seats.

It is for me and at least half of Scotland a depressing outcome.

There is a little consolation and huge comfort in the knowledge that my own constituency will be represented by an MP of great integrity who will – as in the past five years – work his socks off on behalf of everyone in his community and of Scotland as a whole.

Colin Hamilton

Braid Hills Avenue