Welfare benefits

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Wednesday’s debate in Holyrood – “Welfare Benefits for People Living with Disabilities” – was brought to the chamber by SNP MSP Margaret Burgess and highlighted the appalling treatment of disabled people in Scotland as a result of the Westminster coalition government’s continued welfare reforms – 
reforms that are doing away with disability living allowance in favour of the personal independence payment.

The coalition government would have us believe that it is endeavouring to give a form of independence to disabled people with the introduction of its welfare reforms, but contrary to those claims is a massive reduction in the region of over £1,000 per annum in benefits to the most vulnerable, surely resulting in their independence being threatened. Ms Burgess’s debate in Holyrood would surely have secured the support of all parties with the exception of the Conservatives and perhaps the Liberals, but what was surprising and a huge error of judgment was the revelation that Labour voted against this motion!

Catriona C Clark

Hawthorn Drive