We simply want to do things our way

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I am writing in response to the celebrities who recently appeared in the video “love bomb” attack against Scottish independence (your 
report, 17 July).

Throughout it we are told: “Scotland, please don’t go”, “don’t leave us” and “let’s stay together”.

Well, hopefully I can put some minds at rest.

We’re not going anywhere; we’ll still be geographically located in the northern part of the British Isles.

You’ll still see Scottish people around in your towns and cities.

There’s already a border between Scotland and England because we are two different countries; we’re just part of a political union at the moment. Movement between us won’t change with independence. It’ll be like Northern and Republic of Ireland, France and Belgium, for example.

We’ll still work and trade with one another. Supply and demand is how both our capitalist societies work.

We’ll still be friends. 
Like you are with the United States of America, Australia, Canada, New 
Zealand, India, the Republic of Ireland and all the 
other countries that have 
declared independence from you.

We’re not leaving out of hatred or spite; we’re democratically deciding our own future.

We just want to have our own government and run our country ourselves, to decide how we manage our own taxes and resources.

We want speak for ourselves in the world, and develop our own nation as we see fit.

That’s it.

Hugh Henderson

Caledonian Place