We need proof

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Once again, Joss Blamire of Scottish Renewables can think of nothing more to say (your report, 18 July) other than to repeat his still unsubstantiated claim, totally lacking in informative detail, that renewables “cut the carbon emissions which are causing climate change”. On the other hand, Steuart Campbell (Letters, same edition) suggests “there is evidence that, for various reasons, renewable energy systems do not reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions”.

I am reminded of Mr Campbell’s earlier claim that “by taking advantage of the EU Emissions Trading System, the Scottish Government has managed to portray Scotland’s emissions as lower than they really were”.

Who are we to believe? I certainly start from a position of not trusting statistics produced by vested interests and will persist in encouraging others to push for the establishment of an independent energy commission. We cannot afford to continue to delude ourselves into believing that the current strategy is making any significant contribution whatsoever in the battle against climate change.

I agree with Mr Campbell that the answer may well be an immediate transition from coal to gas, at least in the short term while new cost-effective technologies are developed: certainly more cost-effective than wind.


Ardgowan Drive