Waved away

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The Pelamis wave machine is a clever idea but on my AAA ranking for renewable energy projects it comes as no surprise that it now appears to be practically and financially unviable (your report, 22 November).

On achievability, it should be noted that 10,000 of these devices off the western coast could provide just 1 per cent of UK 
energy needs.

On affordability, these are obviously very expensive devices. More than 3.5 million tons of steel alone would be required for the above number; how long would it take to make them and in a hostile marine environment just how long would they last?

On acceptability, the above number spaced out at only 50m intervals would cover 500km of coastline. We can imagine the reaction of other marine users and the general public to this.

Renewable energy provision, as I have been saying for years, will be an uphill struggle and will likely never fulfil Scotland’s needs. It is to be hoped that, post-Salmond, better informed and more restrained pronouncements on this topic can be 

(Dr) A McCormick

Kirkland Road