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Now that the 200-year anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo is upon us and no doubt there will be some sort of jingoistic remembrance, I would like to point out some facts.

I came through school knowing little more than that it was a British victory led by the Duke of Wellington with help from Marshal Blucher, the Prussian commander.

The battle was played out by an Allied force of nearly 70,000, of which only about 20,0000 were from the UK; the rest of the force comprised units from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germans and finally the Prussians who contributed a large part in the final victory against a French army of 80,000. Britain could not have overcome the French forces on their own; it would have been impossible.

Let us acknowledge the contribution from the continental countries to the final victory which gave the UK a settled period of a hundred years, allowing us to achieve our world dominance in the 19th century.

David W Fenwick

West Mill Street