Waterloo is the battle that we should all 
be celebrating

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LAST weekend people celebrated a battle fought between bitter foes 700 years ago, 
and Saturday marked the 
centenary since the assassination in Sarajevo triggered the outbreak of war.

Can I suggest that a different battle is more evocative, one where foes who had become allies stood side by side? Imagine the scene: thousands of French soldiers marching across the fields towards a thin red line of Highland infantry who stop the French in their tracks with a volley before a cavalry charge sends them back “ta think again”.

The battle was Waterloo, fought on 18 June almost 200 years ago. The troops were 
the Gordon Highlanders, the English Royals, the Scots Greys, among others. The regimental eagle and standard captured by ensign Charles Ewart that day still hangs in Edinburgh Castle.

Of course we hope that our soldiers will not need to fight to defend our liberties. In times of adversity people in Scotland, Wales, Northern 
Ireland and England have stood shoulder to shoulder. Why become foes again? Better to stay together and share the best of both worlds!

Delia Hyder, address withheld