Water quality

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I refer to your story, “Scottish Water hit by safety watchdog” (27 July). I would like to reassure customers that, in 2014, 99.89 per cent of more than 150,000 samples at customers’ taps met strict regulatory standards – matching the highest level achieved. This means the quality of drinking water received by Scottish Water customers has never been higher.

We are determined to continue the pace of improvement across all aspects of our water treatment and supply processes to ensure that water supplied to customers is of the highest possible quality.

In the next six years, we will invest more than £300 million to ensure everyone in Scotland enjoys the look and taste of their tap water. This includes building increased resilience and reliability into our service.

We have already taken steps to address issues identified by the Drinking Water Quality Regulator in its report, and will continue working together to help us focus on the areas we need to improve on. We want to ensure the best ever quality of drinking water now received by customers is not merely sustained but improved on.

Simon Parsons

Scottish Water