Voting glitches

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Wouldn’t it be a bit helpful before the next flurry of voting takes place in May to find out about what happened in the last flurry of last September – ie, why is it taking so long for the various investigations into postal voting anomalies and other complaints about possible misdemeanours occurring during the independence referendum to come up with verdicts?

There was a flurry of complaints and some were taken on by the police but so far nothing has emerged from these 

Nothing has been said about any conclusions being withheld until after the May general election. What’s happening? Is there not even an interim progress report?

Surely it matters immensely that if misdemeanours were acknowledged officially to have occurred that there is equitable reassurance that the voting process will be inviolate on the next and subsequent occasion.

Whether this be exclusively pertaining to postal voting or any voting, some enlightenment at least is as much an entitlement as is the right to vote itself.

Ian Johnstone

Forman Drive