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Last year, the unionist parties joined together to defeat the SNP on one issue only – “independence”. The SNP remain a one-policy party with all other issues subservient to their independence objective.

Currently, if the polls are correct, the SNP will gain significant numbers of seats partly because they are one party and partly because their opposition parties are competing against each other and thus will not present a united opposition. However, that disastrous scenario can be mitigated by tactical voting in individual constituencies.

Tactical voting means that in a constituency where your preferred candidate has little chance of winning, you vote for the candidate of a party you dislike to keep out the candidate of a party you detest.

Following the referendum, Scotland is a bitterly divided country for which the SNP are totally responsible.

Although the SNP are very popular with a large percentage of the population it should be appreciated that many people like myself regard them and their leaders with the same intense dislike with which others regard Mrs Thatcher and the Tory Party.

They regard the Tories as toxic in Scotland while I, and I am sure many others, consider it is the SNP who are toxic in Scotland. My tactical voting slogan is the ABS braking system: “Anybody but SNP” (or Sturgeon, Salmond or Swinney).

It appears there is a growing number of people considering tactical voting and there are websites providing guidance on whether it might be effective in a particular constituency, one example is “”.

Raymond Paul

Braid Farm Road