Victory rewards

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When considering the current campaigns on both sides of the referendum, I think that it is interesting to consider the likely consequences for those involved if they get the result for which they are campaigning.

In the event of a No majority, I confidently expect the leaders of the No campaign to be rewarded with honours. Sooner or later, Alastair Darling and Johann Lamont will be elevated to the House of Lords, and, probably, Alastair Darling will become a European Union Commissioner if the UK does not leave the EU.

On the other hand, a successful No vote will ensure that Alex Salmond and the SNP win the next Scottish parliamentary election with an increased majority as this will be seen by voters as the only way to have a government that will fight for Scotland’s interests against the UK government. Continuing austerity with cuts in funding for Scotland will reinforce support for the SNP and, sooner or later, there will be another referendum on independence.

In the event of a Yes majority, I imagine that the leaders of the No campaign will still be rewarded as above. But the leaders of the Yes campaign will get no tangible rewards apart from Scottish independence itself. The unionist parties will regain their Scottish roots and the SNP will begin to disappear as the “right” and “left” political divide re-establishes itself. With luck, our MSPs will then pursue consensus politics. Perhaps they will establish a Scottish Senate to review new legislation. I hope any such Senate can avoid the failings of the UK House of Lords.


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