Use ‘drunk tanks’

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I totally agree with Dennis Forbes Grattan, who suggests ways of stopping drunk people clogging up Accident and ­Emergency units (Letters, 30 ­December).

Six months ago the Royal College of Nursing said that drunks should not be treated in Scotland’s accident and emergency departments because getting ­intoxicated “is no accident”.

It was suggested that “drunk tanks” would curb the regular ­violence against medical staff.

What a sensible suggestion and one must wonder why our well- paid, well-pensioned, ­cosseted politicians have not ­already done this.

Drunks are clogging up the A&E, thus diverting nurses from more needy patients.

Idiotic drunks are responsible for a third of A&E attendances, rising to 40 per cent at the ­weekend.

The Scottish Government must act and give hospitals 
additional funds to set up these “drunk tanks” and legislation ­introduced so that “residents” are charged at least £200 for their overnight stay.

This would quickly reduce A&E waiting times.

Drunks would quickly learn a lesson but if not, they would have £200 less to spend on alcohol.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road