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Jim Gallagher (Perspective, 12 January) helpfully provides the historical background for the ministerial code.

In the same edition, Messrs Allison, Grayson and McKay, don’t disappoint with their condemnation of the First Minister as he is cleared yet again of any breach of the code. Their automatic reaction must be very therapeutic. Alex Salmond did not create the code; it was a creation of unionists; yet when he invokes it, he is criticised for being prosecutor, judge and jury. What tosh!

What evidence have these gentlemen, or their unionist masters, to claim that those who have found the charges against the First Minister not proven are not independent? Do they not think that for anyone to take this responsibility is conscious of their reputations? If not, these gentlemen must appreciate that they defame the good names of those who have judged.

How inconvenient it is that on the same day these stout defenders of the Union judiciously ignore the real political scandal of Tory and Labour MPs claiming large salary increases. Unlike SNP MPs who refuse to vote on their salary awards, these Unionist MPs are content to decide salary increases for themselves. As the independence referendum approaches, it is surely time for all Scottish MPs to publicly declare that they will not claim any capital sum or pension in the event of them ceasing to be MPs as a result of Scotland’s independence.

Graeme McCormick


By Loch Lomond