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TGP Flinn (Letters, 24 December) is missing the point. A Yes vote will give the Scottish Government a mandate only to negotiate a withdrawal from the Contract of Union.

Anyone who predicts what will happen vis-a-vis North Sea oil, the European Union, the euro, Nato, the United Nations, relationships with England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the United States, etc, is merely “flying a kite” at this stage.

Independence is an emotional concept based on the belief that Scotland has the skill and the motivation to bring about a satisfactory outcome to these and hundreds of other issues not yet even thought about. If you are looking for an accurate cost/benefit comparison of opting out of or staying in the Union, forget it.

That scenario will only continue the “Oh yes we will, oh no you won’t” debate and the interesting – but ultimately of little importance – opposing academic interpretations that voters are becoming bored with.

As far as domestic issues are 
concerned, we should know after six years of an SNP government where it is coming from. The 
Labour Party seems to have lost 
its way.

Mike Underwood

Friars Brae

Linlithgow, West Lothian