Unlikely support for Yes campaign

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ACCORDING to Drumlanrig (11 August) the Liberal Democrats have, by rescheduling and relocating their 2014 party conference, guaranteed Glasgow some inward investment just a matter of weeks after the Scottish Independence referendum.

On a more serious note though, the whole issue of what might happen to inward investment has been hotly debated throughout the campaign. That is of course something to be welcomed given the importance of Scotland’s economy to all of us.

One commentator, with a long and successful track record in business, is in no doubt what Scotland’s future prospects would be as regards inward investment should enough folk vote Yes next year.

“I don’t agree with some who say that business, the engine of job creation and prosperity, will dry up if Scotland goes it alone. The markets will always look for the best places to invest and serve customers for business growth.”

That is what Better Together campaign board member Phil Anderton asserted in his Insight article earlier this year (24 February).

Given his allegiance to the anti-independence camp, Mr Anderton cannot, I guess, be regarded as an objective bystander. How ironic then, that Better Together has someone right at its heart who can be quoted so enthusiastically by a Labour for Independence supporter such as myself.

Korstiaan Allan, Edinburgh