Unhealthy service

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It cannot be coincidence – though perhaps providence given the First Minister’s assumption of a priestly mantle in her “sacred” role in protecting our NHS – that reports are now 
appearing within weeks of the referendum about the condition of the health service.

This is a service that has been in effect, if not effectively, managed and directed by our current SNP government for seven years.

The First Minister, when cabinet secretary, had a reputation for direct action and perhaps interference. Her successor was renowned for saying they had dealt with any problem that had managed to surface despite the government’s determination to ensure only good news reached the public’s attention before the referendum.

During the lead-up to that momentous day we were harangued by the Yes campaign about the dangers to the NHS they felt would result from staying in the Union.

Some of us argued at the time that that was – and is – nonsense. Now we see that the same NHS has hardly been in safe hands these seven years.

That can come as no surprise to the people of Scotland as the publicly aired problems south of the Border could never have been considered unique to the other administrations.

It is inconceivable that Scottish ministers were unaware of the issues recently made public in Grampian and elsewhere. Yet we were denied that knowledge till now and effective action was delayed.

Thank goodness the referendum is over and now appropriate government can start again: it has been in abeyance for too long.

(Dr) Alan Rodger

Clairmont Gardens