UN failures

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The United Nations Organisation is not fit for purpose. How is it that all of the independent sovereign nations of the world gathered together cannot act effectively against Islamic State (IS?)?

IS, after all, is an unrecognised self-proclaimed rogue “state” which stands condemned by all. It murders, invades and desecrates virtually unhindered.

The UN, surely, if able to muster near unanimity in the General Assembly, should have the necessary authority to act. A current bar to unanimous action is the veto wielded by states in the Security Council. But do any of those even support IS? Surely, that is inconceivable.

Perhaps some reform of the UNO is needed. Should the General Assembly gain the power by means of a majority of, say, 80 or 90 per cent, be able to over-rule the Security Council when only one veto has been wielded?

Mike Scott-Hayward

Kemback Bridge