Ukip let-down

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I have always believed in Ukip and felt they were offering voters something very different. However, I found myself voting Conservative as I have been exceptionally disappointed with Ukip’s lack of commitment to Scotland.

At the beginning of the election campaign Nigel Farage was exceptionally patronising and offensive by complaining about the money going over Hadrian’s Wall.

I was deeply concerned regarding his proposals to scrap the highly successful Barnett Formula, a proposal that would lead to economic chaos in Scotland if implemented.

And in a hustings debate in Gordon, Alex Salmond’s constituency, a key seet for Ukip to try and win, they were invited but the representative never turned up. This is disgraceful.

In my area there is a candidate but I’ve never seen him or any campaign propaganda.

Ukip can still turn this around before the Scottish elections next year but they need to be much more visible and get back to basics on tackling uncontrolled EU immigration and a referendum on Europe, otherwise they risk alienating Scottish voters.

Gordon Kennedy

Simpson Square