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To REASSURE Peter Riddell, whose thoughtful letter “Please stay”(7 June) offers constructive ideas, Scotland will remain in the United Kingdom with the same Queen and all the social business and civic ties will continue as before.

It is political independence only that is required as the present “Union” is both undemocratic and unfair. All of Scotland’s revenue goes to Westminster, which decides how much will come back – about half, with strings attached.

The comparison with a marriage does not stand up, as no-one would accept a marriage where all the control, all the power and all the money is in the hands of one party, and the other is to be exploited. In political terms, Scotland remains a colony of London.

The suggestion of “a rethink” is perhaps a little late. The UK government has, over the past 100 years, cast aside six opportunities to give more real powers to Scotland, to have a fair and democratic Union – from the 1914 Home Rule for Scotland Bill to the chance of a third, “devo-max”, vote in the referendum – and Scotland is left with a devolved (“power retained”) parliament, still with “fewer powers than the average English parish council”, according to Tony Blair. 

Just as relations between the UK and the Republic of Ireland have remained close, despite the violence involved over the separation, the people of Scotland and everyone else on these islands will remain close and friendly, benefiting from the political freedom of both sides to make their own decisions about how to spend their own money. 

Susan FG Forde

Main Street
Scotlandwell, Kinross-shire