UK power play

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Martin Flanagan’s article on Iberdrola (your report, 14 February) makes plain the grossly over generous subsidies we pay.

Now that the UK Energy Minster Ed Davey has declared that England will buy power wherever is cheapest the renewable obligations and compensation for difference are no longer in existence.

Mr Davey has shattered the value of Iberdrola’s and SSE’s Scottish properties at a stroke. They need to claim compensation from him. They and we must adapt to this situation.

We have in existence, under construction or with planning permission more renewable energy than we need.

The Scottish Government should renationalise the North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board’s and ScottishPower’s grids and unite them into a body to provide secure supply at lowest cost.

That will mean relying mainly on Hydro and large mainland wind farms, and many trivial projects will become uneconomic.

We can extend the life of existing nuclear stations by some years, and consider fracking, including fracking off-shore to avoid some of the problems arising on-shore.

We should give up any attempt to send power from the Islands and the far north to England, and instead use it in situ.

John Smart

Kinneddar Street