UK a backwater for broadband

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YOUR business correspondent Gareth Mackie fell into a trap set by the British telecommunications industry when he wrote about “super-fast fibre-optic” broadband (“Third world broadband at capital’s heart”, Business, 13 October).

Telecommunications providers are not rolling out super-fast broadband. They are very sluggishly replacing super-slow bronze-age copper wire fraudband with standard 
fibre-optic broadband which many countries, including some we would regard as third world countries, have enjoyed for years.

I remember when fibre-optic cabling first featured on Tomorrow’s World in 1984. While other countries made proper use of this technology to replace copper wires, thus increasing the capacity and speed of communications systems, in Britain we used it to produce pretty little table lamps.

Unless our politicians finally force telecommunication 
companies to sell their copper wire for scrap and replace it with fibre optics throughout their networks, most of our country will remain at least a couple of decades behind the rest of the world.

John F Robins, Dumbarton