Turbine tangle

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An online contributor asserted that my last letter (18 February) showed “ignorance”.

It is generally accepted that wind turbines have a load factor or average efficiency of about 30 per cent – my “six cylinders running on two” analogy.

We currently have an average generating capacity of about four gigawatts with a peak of 11.

It seems to me not an unreasonable estimate that this would be, as stated, at least tripled if all fossil fuel heating and transport requirements were electrified – my 30 gigawatt figure.

A reasonable estimate of non-wind renewables of any consequence would be hydro three, tide two and solar/biomass one gigawatt. Would “Deep Pete” care to surface and explain where I have gone wrong and why we won’t have a problem in meeting 2050 renewables targets?

(Dr) A McCormick

Kirkland Road

Terregles, Dumfries