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If Scotland is to meet its legal obligations for pollution in 
cities, the first thing it must do is move into the 21st century, and replace all its buses with trams and/or trolley-buses like most of the rest of Europe and the 
developed world. It is quite 
ludicrous that we still have queues of heavily polluting buses in all our cities, when the most of the rest of Europe replaced them with trams long ago: electric, clean, fast and almost silent, with up to seven carriages on the busy routes.

They also have the advantage that passengers buy their tickets in advance, and stamp them when they alight, while the driver gets on with driving the vehicle.

There is no nonsense with the driver hanging about at stops, while at the same time trying to sell tickets.

The Edinburgh tram fiasco was nothing to do with the trams per se. It was entirely the result of a stupid council trying to run themselves a project which they didn’t begin to understand, instead of handing it over to professional consulting engineers to manage.