True SNP support

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On a day when RAF jets from Lossiemouth escorted Russian bombers away from the UK along the English Channel (your ­report, 30 January), we can see the ­nonsense of complaints about the Royal Navy sending ships up to Scotland to see off Russian warships in the Moray Firth. It is all part of an integrated defence policy.

Sad to say, but Labour does not seem to have an integrated policy towards Scotland. Indeed, Ed Balls has assured us that Labour will not have a post-election pact with the SNP.

However, Ed Miliband still seems to be shy about saying the same thing, as he (as well as leaders of other parties) is shy to say to the SNP: “You lost, so ­forget any future favours.” That is ­simply cowardice.

They are basing their fear on recent opinion polls that appear to give the SNP a clear lead over Labour. Do they not remember the sudden leap in SNP support in the polls shortly before the ­referendum? This was shortly after Yessers were asked to sign up to YouGov and influence the results. They did.

It may seem to be flying in the face of facts, but these “facts” are simply the result of a very effective, new type of gerrymandering. There is no groundswell in SNP support. There are lots of ­rabbits being pulled out of hats, but you need to be particularly dim to think that they are actually in the hat to start with. They are up Nicola Sturgeon’s sleeve.

Andrew HN Gray

Craiglea Drive