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GEORGE Kerevan is right to recount the history of the Sovereign Base Area in Cyprus (Perspective, 12 July). However, I would disagree with his final suggestion that the UK could house its Trident system at the French facility in Britanny instead of Coulport.

Operating Trident from either the US or France was effectively ruled out by the Ministry of Defence in its response to the Scottish affairs committee last year. It cited political and legal obstacles. In addition, the Ile Longue site in Britanny is small compared to Coulport and the American nuclear depots. There is no space to accommodate the addition facilities that would be required, or the safety distances between buildings.

This does not mean that Scotland must live with Trident. Rather, it suggests that a Yes vote in 2014 is likely to result in abolition of British nuclear weapons. A move which many people around the world would welcome.



Scottish Campaign for 
Nuclear Disarmament