Trams on track

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This is not the first time your correspondent John Carson (Letters, 12 February) has made claims about the Edinburgh tram infrastructure.

Having checked this out, I am pleased to make it clear that we have no concerns about the state of the track at the junction with York Place and North St David Street. Regular maintenance inspections are carried out by the maintainers, including measuring rail profile.

Because wear can indeed be more extensive on tighter radii like the approaches to St Andrew Square, the project specifically made use of a vanadium alloy rail in such curves. This type of rail allows us to weld on additional material in areas with significant wear as part of scheduled maintenance and hence lessens the frequency of rail replacements.

Typically, rail replacement may be necessary from five to 25 years, depending on the maintenance undertaken throughout the lifespan of the rail (and tram wheels).

An allowance has been made within the project financial planning for infrastructure refurbishment/replacement to be carried out from 2020 onwards.

Lesley Hinds (CLLR)

Transport convener 
for the City of Edinburgh Council

City Chambers, Edinburgh