Tram privileges

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Robert Drysdale (Letters, 
26 April) compares trams to suburban railways and suggests they are fast because they run on rails. If trams are quicker than buses, it is because stops are further apart, they have priority at lights and sometimes sole use of the track. With similar privileges, limited-stop buses can be just as fast – and are much cheaper. 

Rails are inflexible. Only a fortnight ago, I saw a bus broken down on the tracks at the West End of Edinburgh. A tram under test was stuck behind it; other buses were sailing past.

We can never afford a complete tram network. We have had to shake the piggy bank to pay for half a line, handy for perhaps 5 per cent of the people of Edinburgh. Like it or not, most of the city will continue to be served by buses. 

George Byron 

Comely Bank Avenue