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There is nowhere more iconic in Scotland to have your team photograph taken than with the Forth Railway Bridge as backdrop. The bridge is a potent symbol for the railway being a supremely sustainable mode of transport to the North.

Will Nicola Sturgeon quickly adopt Transform Scotland’s 
“Inter-City Express” vision to link all of Scotland’s cities with fast electric trains on double track routes please?

Electrification and double-tracking of the lines to Inverness and Aberdeen, and between those two cities, would be of considerable benefit to the Scottish economy as would the proposed fast new link with Perth along the direct route corridor via Kinross and Glenfarg.

Perth is closer to Edinburgh than it is to Glasgow and yet it takes 75 minutes by train, but only 55 minutes to Glasgow. This shortcoming needs to be addressed. Cue for another photo when these plans announced?

R J Ardern

Southside Road